I support canopy and habitat corridor tree protection. The announcement comes just one day after a similar funding announcement by the Coalition The government announced it will spend between $850 million and $1.05 billion on redeveloping and expanding the Maroondah Hospital in Ringwood should it be returned to government in November's state election. 2020 has been a year of unprecedented environmental, health, and economic disasters from which Australia and the rest of the world will take years to recover. I am approachable, responsive and dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for Wombolano ratepayers. 252 views, 11 likes, 2 loves, 0 comments, 2 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Cr Kylie Spears, Wombolano Ward Maroondah City Council 2020: As a candidate for the Arrabri ward in the upcoming. Make a summary of each return available on Council's website until the entitlement date for the next general election in 2024. Ill open up council land to create more parklands, with trails, for community and recreational use. Maps of the new ward boundaries are available below. The results of that sees the soon to be constructed multi-deck commuter car park at Croydon Station, the redevelopment of Dorset Road between Maroondah Highway & Hull Road and a significant number of sporting & community facility upgrades. In addition to what we are already doingId love for our whole municipality to become a carbon sink and be emissions negative play our role in draw-down, FOGO and extensive food-waste reduction education campaigns, be able to fine developers a very substantial amount of money for illegal removal of trees, complete the Tarralla Creek re-naturalisation project and expand this to our other urban waterways. Mob: 0419 513 [email protected]://www.facebook.com/councillor.nora.lamont. For too long, our town center has been neglected and permitted to become rundown. Why or why not?The overall information points towards this, the data is compelling and I will always rely on the expertise of environmental scientists. With a background of 15+ years working in Logistics and Client (End to End) Service industries, I want to invest my time into matters that affect us all living here, and reinvent how a small town relationship can be if you only need to deal with the one person. Im married to Kathy and we have two sons, Michael and David. It is also having a disproportionately greater effect on those experiencing disadvantage and migrant communities. Other councils are giving refunds, others are not increasing. If it doesnt, Ill oppose it. Labor would begin construction on the new Maroondah Hospital in 2025, which would open in stages from 2029 at a cost of between $850 million and $1.05 billion. The new-look council will also be divided up into nine. Last election councillors promised to save the former South Croydon school site for public open space, yet four years on we still have no answer whether the site will be saved for open space or sold to a developer to turn into a large housing estate. Wonga Ward by-election Ive never been a Chairman, Fundraiser, Committee President or a Board Member. The election results were declared by the VEC on Tuesday 22 March, 2022, with Cr Linda Hancock elected to represent the Wonga Ward. CPI is at zero or minus, council has sacked approximately 480 workers, many council services have been cancelled or are inaccessible yet our rates went up by the maximum amount, another 2%, mine have gone up by 30% in 5 years with no improvements. Maroondah council candidate fined A former election candidate received a six-month good behaviour bond after pleading guilty to nominating as a candidate while ineligible in a hearing on 7 September at Ringwood Magistrates' Court. Do you think a council should declare a Climate Emergency? I am determined to ensure that your voice matters within Maroondah Council. I am independent and self-funded. I want our elderly to maintain their dignity and receive the optimal care that they are entitled to. What would you like to do regarding better community consultation from the council? As a 39 year-long resident of Wonga ward, a parent and a teacher, I understand this community inside and out. 20990, Notice of Intention to Amend Road Management Plan, Waste disposal services - contract no. Ill inject funding into junior sports, create first class sporting facilities, and upgrade rooms to be female friendly, which will also assist to improve female participation in local sports. Denver City Council at-large candidate Dominic Diaz. I am actively involved in the community working in organisations that include Communities of Wellbeing, Yarrunga Community Centre and National Seniors Australia. If I am elected, I will fight for: Government funding for mental health, child, and hardship services, Job opportunities and training programs, Community engagement for our elderly, Introduction of sustainable environmental practices, Growth in our small business and local economy, Lower rates and council expenses, Improved roads, foot paths and infrastructure, Appropriate sanitation of public facilities and parks I am serious about change and will use my position in the council to voice all your concerns. We come together in parks, clubs, pavilions, walking tracks, community halls, elderly citizens centers, bike paths and shopping strips. Please vote 1 for Nadine Beecher. My best wishes to you in this COVID-19 environment. Vision: Is to meet resident needs of today, without compromising the future. Mission: I Love our local area and it is time we focus on the things that matter to us. About the Committee: The Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee (MECAC) considers applications requesting compliance audits of candidates or third party advertiser election campaign finances, any resulting auditors' reports, and the Clerk's Report identifying apparent contribution contraventions under section 88 of the Municipal Elections Act. $16.5m Maroondah Nets, $4.5m HE Parker Pavilion including female friendly facilities. In my experience, protections are working to the degree that they need to be. It would be an honor to serve as your Ward Councillor. Other (Please describe). And better representation at VCAT hearings. Why or why not?Yes. Lets start fresh and get back to basics! Why or why not? Tell us your email address and we'll email you when this page is updated in any way. Our elderly have been treated as disposable lately. Almost 30 years as your councillor, 8 mayoral terms, last mayor Croydon, first mayor Maroondah. Contact me at [email protected] ph: 0424 372 752 Vote 1 Donna MacKinnon, Vote 2 Peter Feeney, then all other candidates in the order of your choice.https://www.facebook.com/Donna4Wonga, You can listen to Donna MacKinnon on our podcast. Please Vote 1 Neil Rose. As yet this candidate has not responded to the Transition Towns Maroondah Questionnaire. 27th Annual Mayoral Art Exhibition 2022 acquisitions announced, Goats in the city - Sustainable vegetation removal, Caring for our carers - Pathways for Carers program, Lift your spirits with the Maroondah Lift Project, New pavilion boosts membership interest for user groups, Explore the great outdoors this Nature Play Week, Community Grants Funding Program Chin Community Victoria Inc, Cr Nora Lamont resigns from Maroondah City Council, Fresh Theatre returns to Maroondah with new show, The Unsaid, Be Brave. In the current climate and over the next 4 years it will be hard, really hard. Please vote 1 for Todd Greaney. Make sure you number all of the boxes to ensure you vote will count. Im wonder what the water quality is like and if its toxic.Cooling our suburbs down by greening up everything we can.Do you think a council should declare a Climate Emergency? Whilst many services are of high standards, our Council can always do better. I pledge to provide initiative, reliability, and strong advocacy in Council. Maroondah City Council currently has 9 wards: Barngeong, Bungalook, Jubilee, McAlpin, Tarralla, Wicklow, Wonga, Wombalano and Yarrunga. I care about our native habitats and will ensure the Mullum creek area native program continues. City council seats are up for election for about half of Oklahoma City's residents on Feb. 14. Why or why not?No. My family and I love walking around the golf course, unfortunately, I have heard that the council is looking to change the courses from 18-hole to a 9-hole course. I will keep in place Maroondahs individually tailored Covid 19 hardship policy for rates, for as long as its needed. I will ensure that Council uses our rates for good by continuing to deliver Covid-19 recovery and relief programs for rate-payers, community groups and businesses. This year I fought for a zero rate increase and voted against a rate increase! \. Section 307 of the Act provides that within 14 days after the deadlinefor lodgementof completed returns, the Chief Executive Officer must: View the Summary of Candidate Election Campaign Donations: Summary of Candidate Election Campaign Donations 2022(pdf,201KB), Summary of Candidate Election Campaign Donations 2020(pdf,53KB), FAQ - Candidate Campaign Donation Return(pdf,389KB), Blank Candidate Donation Campaign Return Form(pdf,255KB). Remember to fill in all the boxes on your ballot paper to make sure your vote counts. 13 Nov Results Declared Results in the 2020 Maroondah Council Elections will be declared on Friday 13th November 2020. A hard-working health care worker for the last 16 years. It has been my honour to represent the residents and ratepayers of Arrabri Ward as a Councillor for the past four years and to have been Deputy Mayor in 2019. Im asking for your vote so I can deliver results for our community. Vote 1 Mike Symon for Jubilee Ward, 0456 631 612email: [email protected] facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MikeSymon4Maroondah. We here at Connecting Maroondah, in collaboration with Transition Towns Maroondah (TTM) have noted an increase of interest in local council matters and the upcoming elections. I will advocate for a more open and transparent Council and for Council governance reform. Registration is free. Maroondah is also represented on the Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action, which provides regular reports to Council. (3) Supporting Innovation communities and accelerator programs, that help communities identify solutions to climate change. I wish to redraft the Croydon Civic Centre Masterplan to ensure that U3A Croydon and the Croydon RSL and Croydon Bowls Club and other community organisations get decent accommodation. In these difficult days of isolation, thats where council now has an even bigger part to play. Maintain our green and leafy environment, What environmental issues in Maroondah do you regard as needing strong action now?Stop the loss of mature trees. Im an owner operator of a plumbing business that employs 10 local workers. My family has a police background with my father a member of the Victorian Police Force for 28 years. I am also a member of the amazing Eastern Regional Coop and have a strong environmental sustainability focus. Many residents in the Ruskin Park Neighbourhood believe the current rate and nature of residential development in this area, has been detrimental to the character of the neighbourhood in respect to the canopy and the objectives of the SLO4 overlay. As a resident of Maroondah, with a young family, I know the importance of council services. Yes. Andrews could not immediately say . Pot holes and rough roads affecting our cars! And, its an old and ongoing issue, but residents always bring up the issue of safer roads, intersections, pedestrian crossings, and traffic signalling. Enlighten set to delight viewers in Ringwood Town Square, Notice of Intention to Sell Land - The Age & Maroondah Leader - 6 February 2018, Notice of Intention to Sell Land - The Age - 9 February 2018, Security & CCTV Services - Contract No. What do you believe are the top three issues for Maroondah in the next four years? I know when I was last on council they were more bitumen than green, not sure where they are nowWhat would you like to do regarding better community consultation from the council?Invite groups & individuals in on discussions of topics e.g. I will stand to create and continue a community that feels like family for another young child. 1. My second home for the last 4 decades either playing or volunteering has been the East Ringwood football club. This is why I supported Maroondahs Climate Change Risk and Adaptation Strategy, Vegetation Strategy 2020- 2030, and Children and Families Strategy during my time on Council. Hi Tarralla Ward residents: My Name is Jay Bhat, and I am running to be your local council representative for the city of Maroondah. I agree that globally and locally we are in the midst of a Climate Emergency and with so many prominent leaders (from Greta Thunberg to Al Gore) advocating for change in the way were looking after our planet. I will keep empowering locals by listening and encouraging participation in planning, project and policy community consultations. Even if replanting occurs, biodiversithy is lost. One of my main priorities is to improve council services for a safer integrated transport system, better roads, safer walking and bicycle paths, and for an improved community infrastructure. No rate increases. Why or why not?Yes. Question 1. If youre interested in finding more about what your candidates hope to achieve, if elected, check out our latest podcast episodes and join the Connecting Maroondah Facebook group to stay up to date with all things Maroondah. I will make our neighbourhood safer and cleaner. Vote 1 Peter Feeney 2 Donna MacKinnon 3 Other candidate. Your enquiries about candidates should be directed to the relevant candidate. We will need to identify and reserve sites for new schools in the coming decade. This election was uncontested and the following candidate(s) are declared elected unopposed. Find out more about the candidates and Do you think a council should declare a Climate Emergency? There are too many developments occurring that clear the block, wiping outeverything that existed before. I was elected to Council in 2016, and as the Mayor of Maroondah, I seek your support to build on our achievements over the last 4 years. Community Focussed. I will protect Maroondahs leafy green suburbs by advocating for sensible town planning, so we do not have inappropriate structures within our community. I think after the experience of the Corkman Pub demolition in Carlton, there is extra vigilance and sensitivity to heritage protections. it may be assistance with solar panels for renters.What environmental issues in Maroondah do you regard as needing strong action now?Protection of habitat, vegetation and biodiversity. NOTICE: The contents of candidate statements were provided by the candidates and from their responses to the Victorian Electoral Commission, for your reference here. Thank you to everyone who has shopped small and supported local business, because every dollar spent in our community goes back into our community and supports local employment. It is a place for positive, long-term change but this requires community voices to be heard. 20962, Floodlighting upgrade - contract no. What I am is a working resident of Ringwood who has had enough of council bureaucracy. Tarralla Ward covers some parts of Croydon, Croydon South and Bayswater North, the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. You may use the contact details provided to encourage them to do so. 0419 334 794 [email protected]://www.facebook.com/crrob.steane. Your Javascript is disabled. I would be honoured to be re-elected. This includes working with the community and developing solutions around terrestrial ecosystems and thematic issues covering climate change, biodiversity loss and land degradation. Your email address will not be published. I ask that you vote 1 Suzanne Stojanovic to represent McAlpin Ward. The Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) conducts Council Elections and manages all aspects of the election process. Three of those seats will have no incumbent contenders in 2023. New residential developments need to blend into the existing neighbourhood character. Question 4. Ive seen a lot of change over the years. More than ever we need representation on council that will listen to the community and ensure that the council during this difficult period, provides the essential services and support that we all expect. Location: Based at Ringwood but will work across Maroondah Council area; Position Description - pdf Opens in new window Position Description - docx Opens in new window: 05-Mar-2023 11:30 PM (AEDT) Start New Application; Access Existing Application; Preview Application Form; Statutory Planner Job Ref - SPL013 20922, Adoption of Council Plan 2017-2021 (2019/20 Update) and Budget 2019/20, Notice of intention to discontinue road and sell land, Amenities refurbishment - contact no. Ringwood VIC 3134 Maroondah has recently adopted its Climate Change Risk and Adaptation Strategy and Vegetation Strategy 2020-2030, among other related strategies, which I have supported and will work to ensure they are properly implemented. Results for this election have now been finalised. Tarralla Ward is a wonderful community to live in. Thank you to all the local community groups and volunteers supporting those residents in need, providing essential services and care, you are the backbone of our community. New ward boundaries for the eight councils are informed by modelling by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC). (1) The improvement, maintenance and protection of Maroondahs canopy and unique native flora & fauna, (2) Assisting residents to create Gardens for Wildlife, (3) Lowering Maroondahs carbon emissions and moving to more renewable energy initiatives, (4) Maroondah council declaring a Climate Emergency, (5) The council consulting with the community about the environment on a ongoing basis that is transparent. facebook.com/Elect-Jo-anne-Taylor-Wicklow-ward-MaroondahCouncil-2020-114308203750519, https://www.facebook.com/SteveKentforMaroondahCouncil, https://www.facebook.com/councillor.nora.lamont. Vote 1 for Andrew Schafer for Yarrunga Ward. It also attaches some urgency to acting to mitigate climate change. I will take tough action to stop developers from sitting on vacant shops, cut the red tape and reduce bureaucracy for small businesses and residents. What would you like to do regarding better community consultation from the council?I think Council documents and consultation should be more accessible i.e. The residential zones are working well in some areas, we should be strengthening our own planning control through planning scheme amendments. I have also worked on Belmont Park, South Croydon Scouts, Croydon Soccer Club and METEC Committees. Each ward is represented by 1 councillor, giving a total of 9 councillors. I have the energy and enthusiasm to make a positive contribution to our local council. If so, what are these improvements and how would you make them happen?Yes Stronger provisions in our planning scheme, neighbors should be alerted when there is a permit application. What environmental issues in Maroondah do you regard as needing strong action now?Climate change, replacement of canopy cover being lost to development but also due to die-back, replacement of loss of shrubs and understorey vegetation due to development, water saving initiatives on public land and incentives for new developments to implement more water sensitive urban design principals. With the ongoing challenge of Council planning decisions being contested and declining outcomes for revegetation and canopy in the private realm, do you have any other suggestions for improving outcomes.Improving our planning control. 20939, Gym equipment - cardio - Contract no. Make Change - Celebrating Reconciliation Week in Maroondah. Its an established fact, I think we should persevere despite those who deny the science and not let them stand in our way. With the ongoing challenge of Council planning decisions being contested and declining outcomes for revegetation and canopy in the private realm, do you have any other suggestions for improving outcomes.Increasing penalties for non-compliance might be a start, but I think we need to also take a restorative justice approach. I am running for council because I know that we need a local with a real understanding of the community to guide us through our most challenging year yet. As a long-time resident in Ringwood East whose children have and are attending local public schools, I have loved volunteering in the classroom, being a member of the Kalinda Parents and Friends Association and being an enthusiastic Maroondah Magic mum. December 1, 2023 - January 12, 2024 (January periodic) After the election, candidates must continue to file periodic disclosure statements each January and July through the post-election audit until the campaign has satisfied all outstanding . Ive decided to run for council this year as I believe its time for change. 20896, Annual Report 2017/18 - The Age - 19 September 2018, Notice of Tender - Floodlighting Upgrade - Contract No. Our buildings are taller and freeways wider. The following candidate is declared elected. 2. Improved protections for residents against inappropriate development?b. 14 (General Amendment) - The Age - 8 December 2018, Notice of Approval of Amendment - Amendment C95, Notice of Approval of Amendment - Amendment C96, Notice of Approval of Amendment - Amendment C97, Notice of Approval of Amendment - Amendment C104, Electrical Wire Clearance Program Notification - Areas T06 & T07, Ringwood, Notice of Intention to Sell Land - 22- 26 Loughnan Road Ringwood North, Operations Centre Redevelopment - Contract No.20915 - The Age, Cleaning Aquanation and Aquahub, Contract no. Deputy Mayor Maroondah City Council 2019-20. News from our local Transition Town regarding Maroondah Council Elections, which may interest some of our readers. Do you see a role for Maroondah Council to liaise with Yarra Ranges Council to achieve better overall landscaping outcomes?Yes, this can be a dialogue conducted through direct, interpersonal channels as well as through more formal channels like the Eastern Region Group of Councils. We hope this helps you with your voting choices. I believe The people of Maroondah genuinely care for each other. Congratulations Tony. finish build & fitout? Im a mother of two young children and a Manager of an Early Childhood Learning Centre. We need to keep protecting and enhancing our leafy-green environment with strategic tree planting and refusals of inappropriate developments. BH: (03) 9724 9113AH: (03) 9724 9113Mob: 0492 847 [email protected], Note: there were a set of questions sent to all Wicklow candidates from Ruskin Park Residents Action Group. citizenship and awards, Engineering Development Design Guidelines. We love hearing what our subscribers are up to, and the successes and challenges they've experienced in policy or projects. And, according to my understanding, state legislation sufficiently protects cultural, indigenous and native vegetation through heritage protections. We here at Connecting Maroondah, in collaboration with Transition Towns Maroondah (TTM) have noted an increase of interest in local council matters and the upcoming elections. Better protections for canopy trees and open space in private spaces?e. Mandatory notification of and communication with all residents in the area of proposed new developments (not just immediate neighbours)?Yes, in theory I support this proposal; however, legally I dont know how it would stand up against state government legislation and the jurisdiction of VCAT in these matters. With your vote, I will be a strong voice on the Maroondah City Council. What most innovative action would you like the council to make in response to local environmental issues?A comprehensive risk assessment of the potential impacts on the Maroondah councils operations, environment, community and economy arising from impending further changes to the climate, enabling council to identify and prioritise, find practical solutions and act upon it. Gday im David Maloney. As a rate payer, I want, like everyone, accountability and transparency around expenditure of rates. I am offering myself to be your Councillor for the Barngeong Ward. But one thing that hasnt changed is our strong community spirit. Many people, ignorantly, dont understand that with a declaration comes a very substantial action plan and a commitment to understanding that the climate emergency means that business as usual is not going to work if we only have 8-10 years left. https://www.facebook.com/MarijkeGrahamMaroondah, https://www.facebook.com/brightsidejubilee, https://www.facebook.com/MikeSymon4Maroondah, Suzanne Stojanovic forMaroondah McAlpin Ward, https://www.facebook.com/Elect.Christy.Youssef, https://www.facebook.com/Les-Willmott-OAM-JP-Candidate-for-Wicklow-ward-Maroondah-City-Council-103380771530808, https://www. Amend aspects of the Municipal Planning Scheme to better support existing neighbourhood character and well-being.d. What most innovative action would you like the council to make in response to local environmental issues?I support initiatives like greening greyfields, community gardens, green street projects, food organics and garden organics waste services, and gardens for wildlife. (Courtesy photo) Diaz, 24, is a Denver native hoping to become the youngest member in the history of the Denver City Council. in more languages and also in plain English. Transition Towns Maroondah: Questionnaire ResponsesWhere do you find your information on Climate Change?Environmental groups, friends, Scientific American, documentaries many places.What most innovative action would you like the council to make in response to local environmental issues?Implement as many draw down principles as possible, but also invest in renewable energy farms as an income stream.What environmental issues in Maroondah do you regard as needing strong action now?Water quality in our creeks and ponds.
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