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Troubleshooting a ProTAACS Ethernet Sensor Gateway
Last Updated 3 years ago

Troubleshooting tips for understanding the ProTAACS Ethernet Sensor Gateway lights, what they mean and what you can do to correct any issues.

The process for setting up your ProTAACS Ethernet Sensor Gateway should be as simple as plugging in the Ethernet cable and power plug then watching as the lights flash a little then turn solid green. Sometimes the lights may continue to flash red, indicating that there may be a connection or settings issue.

For any initial Ethernet Sensor Gateway issue:

Try unplugging the power to the gateway, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in. If that doesn't work, please use a small tool, like a toothpick or paperclip, to press and hold the reset button on the back of the gateway. Press and hold the button for 5 seconds, until you see the LEDs begin to flash.

For most gateways the lights on the front will indicate what the issue is.

  • Bottom (local network connectivity)
  • Middle (internet connectivity)
  • Top (sensor network)

If the Ethernet Sensor Gateway 1st LED (on bottom) stays red or is flashing, possible causes are:

  1. There is no internet access available.
  2. Port 3000 is blocked.
  3. DHCP is not enabled. If it is not enabled, you can configure the gateway to use a static IP address.
  4. DNS cannot be resolved.
  5. IP address is invalid.
  6. The Ethernet cable is not connected.
    1. The Ethernet cable is broken/damaged
    2. The Ethernet jack is broken/damaged
  7. There is an issue with the device MAC address.

If the Ethernet network that the gateway is plugged into is not allowing the gateway to connect, put the gateway on a different network, ie at home, at work, or other network. See if the gateway comes online. If it does, then the original network that was attempted must be blocking the Ethernet Sensor Gateway. Troubleshooting at that point would have to be done on the netowrk that is blocking the gateway, not the gateway itself.

If the Ethernet Gateway 2nd LED (middle) flashes red:

  • The gateway cannot connect to the server. Either:
    • The gateway configuration settings are not correct. Set the gateway back to the defaults by pressing and holding the reset button.
    • There is a firewall blocking the port.
    • The gateway cannot download a sensor list because it is deleted from a network

The Ethernet gateway has been able to contact the server and gets a response; however, the APN is not going from Idle to Active. There may be a problem with the hardware, contact ProTAACS support at [email protected]

If the Ethernet Gateway 3rd LED (on top) is red:

  1. Check that there are sensors added to the network.

If you are still experiencing any issues that you are unable to troubleshoot with these tips, please contact ProTAACS support by emailing [email protected]

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