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Troubleshooting a Wi-Fi Sensor When it Goes Offline
Last Updated 3 years ago

When a Wi-Fi sensor is offline or not reporting data, the sensor is not able to communicate with the server. Here are a few troubleshooting ideas for POWI sensors that go offline.

  1. Does the router have power?
  2. Does the router have internet access?
  3. Can someone take the batteries out of the sensor for a full minute?
  4. When replacing the batteries, does the light flash red or green?
    1. Red/green means no network is currently configured.
    2. Red-Red means the network is configured but was not found.
    3. Green-Green-Green means the sensor is negotiating network credentials.
      1. If the last flash is green, the network credentials pass verification and the sensor checked in
      2. If the last flash is red, the network credentials failed and either the Password or the Security type may be wrong.
  5. Are the batteries still good or are new ones needed?
  6. If the problem isn’t resolved in steps 1 through 5, then it will be necessary to have the sensor tethered to the computer with the USB cable and you will need to reenter the network credentials, including the SSID and Password.

If the problem isn’t resolved in Step 6, then we would need to perform a recovery action via specialized software. Please contact ProTAACS Support at [email protected]

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