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Dry Contact Sensors battery drain too fast
Last Updated 3 years ago

For Dry Contact sensors, the most common scenario that causes battery drain is voltage on the circuit. Since Dry Contact sensors are not designed to sustain voltage, any voltage supplied on the line has the potential to cause problems. Please confirm there is no voltage being transmitted on the circuit to which the Dry Contact sensor is connected

How to check if a voltage is being transmitted to the circuit?

  • remove one of the sensors from the connected contacts, and reset the sensor to default settings, does the battery deplete rapidly.
  • Considering the current rate of battery depletion, this test would like confirm an issue with the sensor within one or two days

If after removing the sensor from the circuit and resetting to default settings (gray Default button under the sensor Settings), the battery continues to deplete rapidly, the sensors may have a hardware issue. Please contact your account manager or create a ticket for support.

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